About LinkedIn Public

This is a public network for people from all parts of this world to make new connections and friends. With this website world is small and everyone are nearer even closer becoming friendly. You can make new friends and business contacts.

Many people welcome new friends. They want friends to share their thoughts, experience and more… we help you connect with good minded persons globally. When you become friends you can share your contact details and even meet them. We help open minded people for open happiness.

If you are a business person then you must signup on this website. Here you can market your business with other potential buyers. You may need to start a business in other country but don’t know anyone. In this case you can find people from our website to startup your business in their country.

We post online marketing tips also so you get ideas for taking business to next level. Everyone will benefit from this website. Business contacts are necessary to expand your business. Enjoy our services; please sign up.

You can add your email to LinkedIn Open Networkers List. After adding your email you will get many connection requests. Please accept all connection requests and don’t report any one sending you connection request. We all are open networkers so we should accept all.

Now you also download the .CSV file of LION email Ids and send connection requests easily. In this file you will have all the email Ids of members who are willing to network with open minded networkers.

Having more facebook friends and followers is good; they can see all your business related updates. In facebook you can see many groups named “Add Me”. Most of these groups are filled with porn. On our website you can find a list of Facebook Open Networkers. Download the list and add them as your friend.

Increasing Facebook friends and followers will really help you. This is the only website where you can get real facebook friends.

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