LinkedIn Open Networkers (LION) are open minded business people looking for new opportunities all over the world. They will connect with people they don’t know who also open networkers to find new possibilities for their business. So if you are really looking to expand your business then connect with all this open networkers. After connecting with them you can send messages to they and they will be notified when you share something on LinkedIn.

Meet new people, make friends, do business, ask technical help that good for your professional growth. You can easily connect with unknown people using their email ids.

Open Networkers who provide their emails here never IDK (I don’t Know) so you will not be blocked by LinkedIn for adding new connections.

Facebook Open Networkers accept all friend requests and they never IDK. So feel free to add your Facebook profile here. And also you can post your own Facebook profile here. It’s free.

Happy Networking!

After downloading the list; to add people in this list to your network -- go to(menu) ---> connections -- >click add connections --> Select “any emails” --> click "Invite by individual email" at the bottom of the page

Then copy and paste email ids around 5000. do it repeatedly.

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